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Temperature Measurement Techniques for RAON Cryomodule
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol.
Published online March 31, 2018
© 2018 The Korean Vacuum Society.

Heetae Kim*, Yoochul Jung, Yong Woo Jo, Min Ki Lee, Jong Wan Choi, Youngkwon Kim, Juwan Kim, Won-Gi Paeng, Moo Sang Kim, Hoechun Jung, and Young Kwan Kwon

Rare Isotope Science Project, Institute for Basic Science, Daejeon 34047, Republic of Korea
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Received March 14, 2018; Revised March 27, 2018; Accepted March 28, 2018.
Conducting and semiconducting temperature sensors are calibrated and applied to cryomodules. The definition of temperature is introduced and the pressure in vacuum is shown as a function of temperature. The resistance of Drude model is shown as a function of carrier density and mean free path. Temperature sensors are calibrated with Physical Property Measurement System (PPMS). The temperature sensors are applied to measure temperature accurately in RAON cryomodules.
Keywords : Temperature sensor, Accelerator, Resistance measurement, Conductor, Semiconductor