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Applied Science and Convergence Technology, (ASCT, e-ISSN 2288-6559) is an international peer-reviewed online journal publishing research articles. It aims to enhance the knowledge of vacuum and related science & technologies by providing research information with easy access via web. ASCT has six major fields: vacuum technology, surface and interface science, plasma and display, semiconductors and thin films, nano and biointerface, and energy technology.
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:113-93
Review Paper
A Review: Melt Pool Analysis for Selective Laser Melting with Continuous Wave and Pulse Width Modulated Lasers
Jiwhan Kim, Seungmuk Ji, Young-Shik Yun, and Jong-Souk Yeo
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:113-119
Research Papers
Vacuum Diagnosis and Testing of a Dirty Thermal Vacuum Chamber
Taeil Chung, Jong Yeon Lim, Sangbaek Kang, Yongho Yoo, and Hyu-Soung Shin
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:120-125
Changes in Physical Properties of Ta5+-doped BaTiO3 Solid Solution
Yeon Jung Kim
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:126-129
Collisional Ion Energy Transfer Model for Understanding Wrinkles on Poly (dimethylsiloxane) Surfaces after Oxygen Ion Beam Irradiations
Seunghun Lee, Junyoung Yang, Sunghoon Jung, Do-Geun Kim, and Eunyeon Byeon
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:130-134
Control of Optical Properties by the Stepwise Chemical and Plasma Spray Treatment of Polycarbonate
Bup Ju Jeon
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:135-139
Fabrication of Nanostructured SnO by Chemical Vapor Transport Process
Pham Tien Hung, Joon-Hyung Lee, Jeong-Joo Kim, and Young-Woo Heo
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:140-143
2D Heterostructure for Enhanced Gas Barrier Performance via Synergetic Effect
Hayoung Ko, Joo Song Lee, and Soo Min Kim
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:144-148
Preparation of MoS2 Nanopetals by RF Magnetron Sputtering and Electron-Beam Irradiation
Bong Ho Kim, Jin Hee Han, Soon Hyeong Kwon, and Young Joon Yoon
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:149-152
A 10-channel Multiple Quantum Well Array Integrated with Selective Area Grown InGaAsP Layers on InP
Ki Soo Kim, Oh Kee Kwon, Su Hwan Oh, Chul Wook Lee, Young Ahn Leem, Eun Soo Nam, Won Seok Han, Yudong Jang, and Donghan Lee
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:153-155
TiN and In2O3 Co-sputtered Amorphous InTiON Electrodes for Perovskite Solar Cells
Ji-Eun Lee, Se-Phin Cho, Seok-Soon Kim, and Han-Ki Kim
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:156-160
Theoretical Study on Electronic Structure and Charge Transport Characteristics of Anthracene-based Host Material for Blue Organic Light-emitting Diode Application
Hyunbok Lee
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:161-165
Electrical Properties of Surface-Passivated GaAs Nanowires
Rochelle S. Lee, Tae Kyum Kim, Sang Won Lee, Kyu Yeon Cho, Jong Hyun Choi, Mi Yeong Kim, and Jae Cheol Shin
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:166-168
Fabrication of MASnI3 and MASnxPb(1-x)I3 Thin Films by Conversion from SnS Thin Film
Yeonghun Yun, Jae Yu Cho, Jaeyeong Heo, and Sangwook Lee
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:169-172
Terahertz Characteristics of InGaAs with Periodic InAlAs Insertion Layers
Dong Woo Park, Jin Soo Kim, Young Bin Ji, Seung Jae Oh, Tae-In Jeon, and Sam Kyu Noh
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:173-177
Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure and Sintering Temperature on the Evaporation of Elements during Sintering in In-Sn-Zn-O Transparent Conducting Oxide Systems
Dokyum Kim, Hyunil Jo, Young-Woo Heo, Jeong-Joo Kim, and Joon-Hyung Lee
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:178-183
A Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensor for Detection of Toluene (C6H5CH3)
Tran Thi Dung and Moonil Kim
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:184-188
Post-Heat Treatment on Cu(In,Ga)Se2 Solar Cells with CBD-ZnS Buffer Layers as a Function of ITO Growth Temperature
Woo-Jung Lee, Dae-Hyung Cho, Hye-Jung Yu, Won Seok Han, and Yong-Duck Chung
Appl. Sci. Converg. Technol. 2018;27:189-193
An Overview of Techniques in Enzyme Immobilization
Hoang Hiep Nguyen, and Moonil Kim
Received September 20, 2017; Accepted November 21, 2017.
Electronic, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nickel Oxide Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Chanae Park, Juhwan Kim, Kangil Lee, Suhk Kun Oh, Hee Jae Kang, and Nam Seok Park
Received April 29, 2015; Accepted May 29, 2015.
A Review of Outgassing and Methods for its Reduction
Rebecca Grinham, and Andrew Chew
Received June 26, 2017; Accepted August 31, 2017.