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Applied Science and Convergence Technology, (ASCT, e-ISSN 2288-6559) is an international peer-reviewed online journal publishing research articles. It aims to enhance the knowledge of vacuum and related science & technologies by providing research information with easy access via web. ASCT has six major fields: vacuum technology, surface and interface science, plasma and display, semiconductors and thin films, nano and biointerface, and energy technology.
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:23-45
Review Paper
Flexible Plasma Sheets
Guangsup Cho, and Yunjung Kim
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:23-25
Research Papers
Temperature Measurement Techniques for RAON Cryomodule
Heetae Kim, Yoochul Jung, Yong Woo Jo, Min Ki Lee, Jong Wan Choi, Youngkwon Kim, Juwan Kim, Won-Gi Paeng, Moo Sang Kim, Hoechun Jung, and Young Kwan Kwon
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:30-34
Redox Reaction Investigation of Graphene Nanoribbon
Young-Jun Yu
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:35-37
Growth of Sheet-like ZnO Nanostructures on ZnO nano rods using Chemical Bath Deposition
Hyuntae Kim, and Soobong Choi
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:38-41
Optical Characterization of Cubic and Pseudo-cubic Phase Perovskite Single Crystals Depending on Laser Irradiation Time
Hye Ryung Byun, and Mun Seok Jeong
Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2018;27:42-45
Electronic, Optical and Electrical Properties of Nickel Oxide Thin Films Grown by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Chanae Park, Juhwan Kim, Kangil Lee, Suhk Kun Oh, Hee Jae Kang, and Nam Seok Park
Received April 29, 2015; Accepted May 29, 2015.
Substrate Temperature Effects on DC Sputtered Mo thin film
Heejin Ahn, Dongchan Lee, and Youngho Um
Received December 21, 2016; Accepted January 18, 2017.
Vanadium Oxide Microbolometer Using ZnO Sandwich Layer
Myung-Soo Han, Dae Hyeon Kim, Hang Ju Ko, and Heetae Kim
Received September 24, 2015; Accepted September 30, 2015.