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March, 2023, Vol.32 No 2

Plasmon-enhanced Raman scattering is an important technique for analyzing various materials, including chemical and biological molecules. Recent research has focused on using different plasmonic structures, such as nanoparticles on mirrors, nanoparticles, tip-enhanced plasmonic structures, and one-dimensional (1D) nanogaps, to enhance Raman scattering by designing localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR). Specifically, a 1D nanogap provides an effective way to improve the optical field enhancement because of the highly confined optical field and the strong LSPR effect. This study successfully demonstrated significantly improved Raman scattering signals of a WSe2 monolayer and brilliant cresyl blue molecules using a 1D Au nanogap.

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January, 2023, Vol.32 No 1

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