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March, 2022, Vol.31 No 2


< PreviousApplied Science and Convergence Technology 2022; 31(2): 35~62Next >
  • Review for Device Compositions of Localized Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensors

  • Micro-Electromechanical Systems-based Sensors and Their Applications

  • Microwave Plasma Source Optimization for Thin Film Deposition Applications

  • Photoelectrochemical Water Splitting using GaN Nanowires with Reverse-Mesa Structures as Photoanode Material

  • Surface Structure-Controlled Monolithic Multiple Color Semipolar GaN-based Light-Emitting Diodes

  • Polarized Single Photon Generation from a Quantum Dot

Journal information

May, 2022, Vol.31 No 3

Most Cited

Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Ceramic Nanomaterials

Tae-Hee Kim, Jeong-Hwan Oh, Minseok Kim, Seung-Hyun Hong, and Sooseok Choi
ASCT 2020; 29(5): 117-123 more

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