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May, 2023, Vol.32 No 3

The figure above illustrates a module of a Free Electron Laser (FEL) with two electron beams. The FEL module consists of an electron emitter (tip), a lens for controlling the electron beam (comprising three electrodes), and a wiggler. The electron beam is emitted from a multi-electron emission tip that simulates Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) paste. It is then divided into two strands of electron beams, which pass near the wiggler. This division is achieved using a limiting aperture (LA) designed to generate optimal FEL radiation.
The figure below provides a magnified view of multiple electron emission tips and the trajectories of the electron beams. As the electron beam passes through the wiggler section, radiation is generated due to periodic changes in trajectory.


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  • Ultra-Compact Free-Electron Laser Advanced Model for Carbon Nano-Tube Tip

  • Improving Hybrid Nanocomposite Performances Using Genetic Approach

  • Numerical Method for Poisson-Boltzmann Equation Using the Lambert W Function

  • Thickness Dependence of MoO3 Hole Injection Layer on Energy-Level Alignment with NPB Hole Transport Layers in OLEDs

  • Bifunctional Photocatalytic and Magnetic Properties Inducing Effect of Cs Ions on WO3 Structure

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November, 2023, Vol.32 No 6

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