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July, 2023, Vol.32 No 4

For the purpose of sensing hydrogen gas, we synthesized a simple and reliable technique for doping Pd onto WO3 nanospheres. Porous WO3 nanostructure combined with the spillover effect of Pd allows for the detection of hydrogen at concentrations as low as 5 ppm at 100ºC while maintaining high selectivity over other gases. These impressive results can be traced back to uniform and robust Pd doping on the surface of WO3 nanospheres, making the material a desirable option for real-world applications.


< PreviousApplied Science and Convergence Technology 2023; 32(4): 82~103Next >
  • Gas Sensor-Based Techniques for Detecting Ethylene (C2H4)

  • Solid to Quasi-Liquid Phase Transition of Submonolayer Pentacene

  • Optical Properties and Phase Transition in VO2 and Ti:ZnO/VO2 Thin Films

  • Ruthenium Tris(bipyridine) Encapsulation in Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework-71 and its Photocatalytic Properties

  • In-situ Synthesis of Pd/WO3 Nanocomposites for Low-Temperature Hydrogen Gas Sensing

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May, 2024, Vol.33 No 3

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Review of Hydrogen Gas Sensors for Future Hydrogen Mobility Infrastructure

Jun-Seo Lee, Jin Woo An, Sukang Bae, and Seoung-Ki Lee

ASCT 2022; 31(4): 79-84

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