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January, 2021, Vol.30 No 1

A cross-sectional SEM image of SVPS HfC coating heated to 2000 degrees Celsius using laser. The SVPS HfC coating consists of two layers of HfC/SiC/Carbon composites and base material, and exposure to 2000 degrees Celsius oxidizes the HfC layer and SiC layer to form the HfO2 layer and SiO2 layer. This figure shows that the upper HfO2 layer is damaged due to oxidation and volatilization of SiO2 in SiC layer. The elemental distribution through the EDS analysis below shows that HfSiO4 is included in the HfO2 layer when Si is also present in the HfO2 layer.ASCT 2021; 30(1): 21-24


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March, 2024, Vol.33 No 2

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Review of Hydrogen Gas Sensors for Future Hydrogen Mobility Infrastructure

Jun-Seo Lee, Jin Woo An, Sukang Bae, and Seoung-Ki Lee

ASCT 2022; 31(4): 79-84

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