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September, 2019, Vol.28 No 5

Surface morphology of the as-grown MoS2 on SiO2/Si substrate was investigated using a tapping mode AFM. The triangular area of MoS2 flake is ~ 0.7 nm higher than the substrate area, implying the monolayer thickness. While unreacted promoters are overall observed on the sample, they are selectively accumulated at the facet edges of MoS2 flakes. Typical craters originated from the unreacted Na2MoO4are observed on the overall area of the sample.2019; 28(5): 159-163


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May, 2022, Vol.31 No 3

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Thermal Plasma Synthesis of Ceramic Nanomaterials

Tae-Hee Kim, Jeong-Hwan Oh, Minseok Kim, Seung-Hyun Hong, and Sooseok Choi
ASCT 2020; 29(5): 117-123 more

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