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Table. 1.

Comparison according to the generation method of thermal plasma

Type of plasma generation Advantages Weakness
DC thermal plasma (non-transferred type) Easy operating
High thermal efficiency (> 60%) Contamination from electrode erosion
Low flow rate of plasma forming gas Limitation of plasma forming gas composition (no oxidizing gas)
Low cost processing
Compact system Limitation of electrode lifetime
Atmospheric pressure discharge
DC thermal plasma (transferred type) Effective heat transfer by using high enthalpy arc
High thermal efficiency (> 60%)
Low flow rate of plasma forming gas Requirement of electric conductive target material as anode
Low cost processing Difficult to enhance uniform heat transfer inside of crucible
Compact system
Atmospheric pressure discharge
RF thermal plasma (Inductively coupled plasma) No contamination by electrode material and arc gas Sensitive matching system for discharging
Relatively low thermal efficiency (< 60%) High flow rate of plasma forming gas
Discharge under low pressure (vacuum system) Relatively high cost processing
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