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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. (a) Schematic diagram representing the synthesis of self-assembled WSe2/MoS2 wires. (b), (c) Images of cross-aligned WSe2/MoS2 wires showing their growth directions. (d), (e) Optical microscopy images of different angles of WSe2/MoS2 wires: 90° and 45°. (Reprinted with permission from [22] (Lee et al., Adv. Mater. 31, 1904194 (2019)), © 2020, John Wiley and Sons). (f) Illustration of MoS2 and WS2 pattern formation, including spin coating, photothermal decomposition, and rinsing. (g) Photograph of the patterned MoS2 and WS2 supported on a 2-inch SiO2/Si wafer. (Reprinted with permission from [23] (Park et al., ACS Nano 14, 8485-8494 (2020)), © 2020, American Chemical Society).
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