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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. (a) Schematic of conductance tuning and oxidation of graphene with H2SO4 electrolyte. (b) Conductance variation of graphene as a function of time while sweeping VEG from 0 to −1.95 V. EFM (VEFM) images of graphene after oxidation process (1) in (b), upon applying bias voltage VDS = −1 V on the (c) top and (d) bottom electrodes. (e) EFM image profile following along the black dashed line in (d). The red dashed arrow denotes the same as position as in (d). (f) Conductance of graphene as a function of electrolyte gate voltage VEG. The red dashed arrows indicate the conductance of graphene (~25 µS) for VEG = 0 V.
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