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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. (a) Optical image before (left) and after (right) transferring MoS2 to hBN/MLG. Clean and bubble-containing areas at hBN/MLG interface enclosed by black dashed boxes with A3 and A1, respectively. (Scale bars, 20 µm) (b) Optical image of Au electrodes connected to MoS2/hBN/MLG heterostructure FGM. Characterization conductance with V12 (red line between E1 and E2) or V23 (blue line between E2 and E3) according to VBG. (Scale bar, 20 µm) (c) Current variation (IDS) with bias voltage V12 between E1 and E2 according to VBG. (d) Current variation (IDS) with bias voltage V23 between E2 and E3 according to VBG.
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