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Fig. 4.
Fig. 4. (a) Simple model explaining 0.7 conductance plateau by adding Fano resonance peak to QPC’s quantized conductance curve. (b) Several Fano peaks with different asymmetry parameters were added to the typical QPC conductance curve. The center of the Fano peak was placed at −0.0283 V. A 0.7-like conductance plateau was observed when the Fano peak with q = 5.7 and Γ = 3 was added. (c) In the red shaded region, the increase in peak conductance was compensated for by a decrease in QPC conductance, resulting in an unexpected conductance plateau at around 0.7G0. (d) Position of Fano peak shifted to give a plateau with different plateau conductance. The peak centers were at −0.0292, −0.0287, −0.0284, and −0.0278 V from left to right. The asymmetry parameters of the peaks were 5, 6, 6, and 5, from left to right; Γ = 3 for all peaks.
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