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Fig. 3.
Fig. 3. (a and b) SEM images of as-grown graphene grains on (a) PC Cu foil and (b) atomic sawtooth substrate. (c and d) SEM images of (c) misaligned and (d) aligned graphene grains after UV treatment for 20 min. The misaligned grains are oxidized along the grain boundary, whereas oxidation does not occur in the aligned graphene grains. (e and f) Schematics and Raman I2D/IG mapping images and (g) Raman spectra extracted from boundary regions in (e) misaligned and (f) aligned graphene grains. (h) Schematic for growth of SC graphene on atomic sawtooth substrate: step 1. nucleation at step edges for coherently aligned graphene grains, step 2. seamless stitching of aligned graphene grains, and step 3. growth of SC graphene film.
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