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Table. 1.

Geometric parameters for curling probes used in simulation cases: case A and case B

Parts Geometric parameters Case Aa Case Bb
Curling slot-antenna Number of turns 3 4
Inner length of curl (A) 102.5 mm 176.4 mm
Outer length of curl (B) 138.7 mm 201.2 mm
Average curl length [(A+B)/2] 120.6 mm 188.8 mm

Curling slot thickness 0.5 mm
Curling slot width 1.0 mm
Antenna diameter 30 mm
Aperture diameter 6.0 mm

Ground case Case height 17 mm
Case diameter 34 mm
Case thickness 2.0 mm

Dielectric Dielectric thickness 0.5 mm
Relative dielectric constant 2.1

Monopole antenna Monopole antenna diameter 2.0 mm

a 3-turn curling slot-antenna, b 4-turn curling slot-antenna

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