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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2012; 21(2): 106-112

Published online March 1, 2012

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Investigations of Adsorption Behaviors of Various Adsorbents Including Carbon, or TiO₂

Young Dok Kim


New equipment for quantitative and qualitative adsorption of volatile organic compound was set up, and using this equipment, adsorption behaviors of various carbob-based nanomaterials and TiO₂ thin films prepared by atomic layer deposition were compared. We could conclud that TiO₂ thin films can show higher adsorption capacity of toluene comparing to the carbon-based nanostructures due to higher affinity of the surface OH groups of TiO₂ towards toluene adsorption. We also demonstrate that our method allows to discriminate reversible and irreversible adsorptions at a given temperature.

Keywords: 흡착,휘발성 유기화합물,탄소,이산화티타늄,Adsorption,Volatile organic compounds,Carbon,TiO₂

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