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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2011; 20(2): 146-154

Published online March 1, 2011

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Tape-Type Liquid Leakage Film Sensor

D. K. Yu , K. S. Kim , H. K. Yu , G. H. Han , D. J. Jin , J. H. Kim , S. H. Han , G. S. Cho


The adhesive-tape of a liquid leak film sensor including the alarm system is developed. The sensing film is composed of three layers such as base film layer, conductive line layer, and protection film layer. The thickness of film is 300∼500 ㎛, the width is 3.55 ㎝, and the unit length is 200 m. On the conductive line layer, three conducting lines and one resistive line are formulated by the electronic printing method with a conducting ink of silver-nano size. When a liquid leaks for the electricity to be conducted between the conductive line and the resistive line, the position of leakage is monitored by measuring the voltage varied according to the change of resistance between two lines. The error range of sensing position of 200 m film sensor is ±1 m.

Keywords: 액체누설,액체누설 감지센서,테이프형 필름센서,누설 경보시스템,Liquid leakage,Sensing,Sensor,Film sensor,Liquid leakage alarm system

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