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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1993; 2(2): 209-219

Published online June 1, 1993

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

A Thermodynamical Study on the Phase Formation and Sequence by Ion Beam Mixing in Al / Pd System

Jeong Dong Choi,Jin Seok Hong,Joon Seop Kwak,Eung Joon Chi,Sang Wook Park,Hong Koo Baik,Keun Hwa Chae,Sung Mun Jung,Chung Nam Whang


Evaporated Al/Pd thin films were irradiated with various doses to produce intermetallic compounds. In order to study the first phase formation and phase sequence, RBS and TEM studies have been used. It was found that the initial phase formed by irradiation of 5×10^(15)Ar^+/㎠ was Al₃Pd₂, while 1.5×10^(16)Ar+/㎠ gave the subsequent phase of AlPd. This phenomenon was analysed using effective heat of formation (ΔH') model. The experimental results agree with that predicted by effective heat of formation model. This model has been extended to predict the first phase formation and phase sequence by ion beam mixing in metal/Si systems as well as metal/metal systems.

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