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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2008; 17(6): 511-517

Published online November 1, 2008

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

A Quasi Two-Dimensional Model for Gas Discharge Simulation Using FE-FCT Method

Wook Hee Koh , In-Ho Park


A quasi two-dimensional model for numerical simulation of gas discharge is presented, based on the finite-element flux-corrected transport method. A one-dimensional continuity convection-diffusion equation coupled Poisson’s equation is solved to calculate the charge density variation and the electric field is evaluated by the classical disk method. Results calculated for various benchmark problems verify the accuracy of the proposed model and illustrate its performance. This model has been applied to a streamer simulation, and the results are shown to agree well with previously published results.

Keywords: 기체 방전,시뮬레이션,FE-FCT,FEM,Gas discharge,Numerical simulation

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