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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2013; 22(2): 66-78

Published online March 1, 2013

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Development of 80 kW RF Thermal Plasma Torch System for Mass Production and Research of Si Nano-Powder Manufacturing Process

Seok-Kyun Song , Byungkoo Son , Byunghoon Kim , Moonwon Lee , Myungsun Sin , Sunyong Choi , Kyu-Hang Lee , Seong-In Kim


In order to develop of 80 kW RF plasma torch system, we achieved three-dimensional simulations for the extraction of more information as temperature in torch and fluid behavior analysis, etc. The position of powder injection tube, the plasma discharge characteristics with various input current and various length of ceramic tube, and the plasma temperature characteristics with process gas flow rate such those was simulated. RF thermal plasma torch designed by simulation was manufactured that was measured to the maximum of 89.3 kW power. The mass production using developed 80 kW RF thermal plasma torch system were investigated by characteristics manufactured of Si nano powder. The mass-production level of Si nano-powder was average of 539 g/hr and high yield rate of 71.6%, respectively. The particle size distribution D99/D50 of manufacturing nano-powder was investigated to 1.98 as a good uniform.

Keywords: RF,열 플라즈마,시뮬레이션,Si,나노분말,토치,RF,Thermal plasma,Simulation,Si,Nano-powder,Torch

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