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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2005; 14(1): 40-48

Published online March 1, 2005

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Molecular Shuttle Memory System Based on Boron - Nitride Nanopeapod

Ki Ryang Byun,Jeong Won Kang,Won Young Choi,Ho Jung Hwang


Bucky shuttle memory systems were investigated by the classical molecular dynamics(MD) simulations. Energetics and operating response of the shuttle-memory-elements were examined by MD simulations of the C_(60) shuttle in the nanomemory systems under various external force fields. Single-nanopeapod type was consisting of three fullerenes encapsulated in (l0, 10) boron-nitride nanotube and filled Cu electrode. Studied systems could be applied to nonvolatile memory. MD simulation results showed that the stable bit flops could be achieved from the external force fields of 0.1 eV/Å for single-nanopeapod type.

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