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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2005; 14(4): 238-244

Published online December 1, 2005

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Heat treatment effects on the electrical properties of In₂O₃-ZnO films prepared by rf-magnetron sputtering method

Hwa-Min Kim,Jong-Jae Kim


IZO thin films are prepared on a corning 7059 glass substrate in a mixed gases of Ar+O₂ by rf-magnetron sputtering, using a powder target with a composition ratio of In₂O₃ : ZnO=90 : 10 wt.%. Their electrical sheet resistance are strongly dependent on the oxygen concentration introduced during the deposition, a minimum resistivity of 3.7×10-⁴ Ω·㎝ and an average transmittance over 85% in the visible range are obtained in a film deposited in pure Ar gas which is close to near the stoichiometry. During the heat treatment from room temperature up tp 600 ℃ in various environments, the electrical resistance changes are explained by cyrstallizations or oxidizations of In metal and InO contained in the IZO film. The electrical properties due to oxygen adsorption and phase transitions occurring at temperatures over 400 ℃ during heat treatment in air are also investigated.

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