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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2006; 15(6): 637-641

Published online November 1, 2006

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Study on the fabrication and the characterization of 100 ㎚ T-gate InGaAs/InAlAs/GaAs Metamorphic HEMTs

H. S. Kim,D. H. Shin,S. K. Kim,H. B. Kim,Hyunsik Im,H. J. Kim


We present the DC and RF characteristics of 100 ㎚ gate length InGaAs/InAlAs/GaAs metamorphic high electron mobility transistors (MHEMTs). We fabricated the T-gate with 100 ㎚ foot print by using a positive resist ZEP520/P(MMA-MAA)/PMMA trilayer by double exposure method. The fabricated 100 ㎚ MHEMT with a 70 ㎛ unit gate width and two fingers were characterized through dc and rf measurements. The maximum drain current density of 465 ㎃/㎜ and extrinsic transconductance (gm) of 844 mS/㎜ were obtained with our devices. From rf measurements, we obtained the current gain cut-off frequency (fT) of 192 ㎓, and maximum oscillation frequency (fmax) 310 ㎓.

Keywords: MHEMT,T-게이트,e-beam 장치,ZEP520,차단주파수,T-gate,e-beam lithography,Cut-off frequency

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