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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2007; 16(1): 7-14

Published online January 1, 2007

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Analysis of Horizontal Neutron Reflectometer for Nanointerfaces Using McStas

Oh-Sun Kwon,Kwanwoo Shin


A new horizontal neutron reflectometer has been designed and now under construction at the HANARO, 30 ㎿ research reactor, in Daejon, Korea. We performed simulations of neutron ray-tracing to evaluate the performance of all of the optical components of the instrument with a Monte Carlo technique using McStas. The feasible wavelength of the incident neutron beam is 2.5 . It produces a Å q-range up to 0.126 Å?¹ with a supermirror as a deflector. Our studies showed improvement of the performance of the guide tube and monochromators. Although the performance is limited in q-range, it promises to be the first reflectometer in Korea for the study of free surfaces, which is currently in demand.

Keywords: 중성자,수평형 중성자 반사율 측정,McStas,나노 표면구조분석,Neutron,Neutron Reflectometer,Nanointerface

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