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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2007; 16(6): 474-478

Published online November 1, 2007

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Nanocrystalline Si formation inside SiNx nanostructures usingionized N₂ gas bombardment

Min-Cherl Jung,Young Ju Park,Hyun-Joon Shin,Jun Seok Byun,Jae Jin Yoon,Yongsup Park


Nanostructures of SiNx were made by bombardment of ionized N₂ on Si surfaceand subsequent annealing. Atomic force micrograph showed the density of SiNx nanostructures was 3×10¹?/㎠. Their lateral size and height were 40~60 ㎚ and 15 ㎚, respectively. The chemical state of the nanostructure was measured using X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, which changed from SiNx to Si₃N₄ + SiNx as the bombarding ionized gas current increases. Upon annealing, transmission electron micrograph showed a clear evidence for crystalline Si phase formation inside the SiNx nanostructures. Photoluminescence peak observed at around 400 ㎚ was thought to be originated from the interface states between the nanocrystalline Si and surrounding SiNx nanostructures

Keywords: Si nanostructures,ion beam bombardment,XPS,SiNx,photoluminescence,Si 나노구조,이온빔 입사,PL

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