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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2008; 17(5): 448-454

Published online September 1, 2008

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

A Study on the Piezoelectric Sensor Response Characteristic of PVDF Organic Thin Film by Vapor Deposition Method

Soo Hong Park


The purpose of this paper is to discuss the fabrication of β-PVDF(β-Polyvinylidene fluoride, β-PVF₂) organic thin films through the vapor deposition method and to investigate the piezoelectric properties of the organic thin films produced. Vapor deposition was performed under the following conditions : the temperature of evaporator, the applied electric field and the pressure of reaction chamber were 270℃, 142.4 ㎸/㎝ and 2.0×10?? Torr, respectively. The results showed that the amount of β-form PVDF increased from 72 % to 95.5 % with an increase in the substrate temperature. In the case of a sensor response characteristic by varying the force moment from 1.372×10?? Nㆍm to 39.2×10?? Nㆍm, the output voltage increased from 1.39V to 7.04V.

Keywords: β-폴리비닐리덴 플로라이드,유기 박막,힘 모우멘트,출력전압,압전 특성,β-PVDF,Organic thin films,Force moment,Output voltage,Piezoelectric properties

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