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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2009; 18(4): 266-271

Published online July 1, 2009

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Lasing Characteristics of GaAs-Based 1300 ㎚ Wavelength Region InAs Quantum Dot Laser Diode

K. W. Kim,N. K. Cho,J. D. Song,J. I. Lee,Y. J. Lee,W. J. Choi


We have investigated the lasing characteristics of GaAs-based 1300 nm wavelength region InAs Quantum Dot Laser Diode grown by Migration Enhanced Molecular Beam Epitaxy. Under a pulsed and CW operation, we observed the state switching of lasing wavelength from ground state (1302 ㎚) to excited state (1206 ㎚) due to the gain saturation of ground state. Under a pulsed operation, Jth=92 A/㎠, λL=1311 ㎚ and under a CW operation, Jth=247 A/㎠, λL=1320 ㎚.

Keywords: GaAs,In(Ga)As,양자점 레이저 다이오드,분자선 에피택시,Migration enhanced epitaxy,Quantum dot laser diode,Molecular beam epitaxy

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