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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2009; 18(5): 372-376

Published online September 1, 2009

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Characteristics of Hardness and Elastic Modulus of PMMA Film using Nano-Tribology

Soo In Kim,Hyun Woo Kim,Seong Cheol Noh,Duk Jin Yoon,Hong Jun Chang,Jong Rim Lee,Chang Woo Lee


In the modern semiconductor industry, lithography process is used to construct specific patterns. However, due to the decreasing of line width, these days, more and more researchers are interested in PMMA(Poly Methyl Methacrylate) lithography by using e-beam instead of the prior method, PR(Photoresist) lithography by using UV(Ultra-Violet). Additionally, the patterns constructed by lithography are collapsed during the process of cleansing remnants and the resistance against the breakdown of the patterns is known to be proportional to the elastic modulus of pattern-constructing materials. In this research, we measured the change of hardness and elastic modulus of PMMA film surface according to the change of time spent to soft-bake the PMMA film. During the measurement, we controlled the tip pressure from 25 μN to 8,500 μN having intervals that are 134.52 μN. For these measurements, we used the Triboindenter from Hysitron to gauge the hardness and elastic modulus and the tip we used was Berkovich diamond Tip.

Keywords: 경도,탄성계수,PMMA 박막,트리보인덴터,Hardness,Elastic Modulus,PMMA Thin Films,Triboindenter

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