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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2012; 21(3): 171-177

Published online May 1, 2012

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Investigation of the Hyperfine Structure Effect in a Mn-Doped LiNbO₃

Haeng-Ki Lee,Hyon-Chol Jang,Jung-Il Park


The computer program (EPR-NMR program version 6.2) employed here sets up the spin Hamiltonian matrices and determines their eigenvalues using exact diagonalization. We study the electron spin resonance for Mn²? in ferroelectric LiNbO₃ single crystals. The self-energy is obtained using the projection operator method developed by Argyres and Sigel. The self-energy is calculated to be axially symmetric about the by the spin Hamiltonian. The line-widths decreased as the temperature increased; we assume that the hyperfine structure transition is a more dominant scattering than the other transitions. We conclude that the calculation process presented in this study is useful for quantum optical transitions.

Keywords: 전자스핀공명,투영 연산자,자체 에너지함수,자기 감수성,선 너비,Electron spin resonance,Projection operator,Self-energy function,Magnetic susceptibility,Line-width

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