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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2013; 22(3): 150-155

Published online May 1, 2013

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Reduction of Light Reflectance from InAlP by the Texture Formation Using Ultra-Thin Pt Layer

Hyun Wook Shin,Jae Cheol Shin,Hyo Jin Kim,Sung Kim,Jeong-woo Choe


Textured surface has been fabricated to reduce the light reflectance from the solar cells. The textured surface is very suitable for the multi-junction III-V solar cells because it can decrease the light reflectance over a large wavelength range. In this study, we have generated a textured structure on InAlP which is used for the window layer of the multi-junction III-V solar cells. Ultra-thin Pt layer (0.7 nm) has been used for wet etching mask. An array of nanosized pyramid shape formed on InAlP surface dramatically reduces the light reflectance up to 13.7% over a large wavelength range (i.e., 0.3∼1.5 μm).

Keywords: 텍스쳐(Texture),InAlP,다중접합 III-V화합물 태양전지,반사율,Texture,Multi-junction III-V solar cells,Reflectance

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