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Applied Science and Convergence Technology

Published online April 1, 2022

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Advantageous features in materials probing techniques expected with the light source at Ochang in Korea

Hyun-Joon Shin 1* , Jinjoo Ko 2 , Seunghwan Shin 2

1Chungbuk National University, 2Pohang Accelerator Laboratory

Correspondence to:shin@chungbuk.ac.kr

Received: March 9, 2022; Accepted: April 1, 2022


In Korea, a fourth-generation light source(Korea-4GLS), with 4-GeV electron energy, 58-pm-rad electron emittance, and 400-mA electron current, is currently under construction at Ochang. Compared to the light source at Pohang(Pohang Light Source: PLS-II), we describe advantageous features of the Korea-4GLS, considering geometry of probing techniques and application materials. In the case of probing laterally homogeneous specimens where X-ray size can be in the range of 10um–1mm and the sample is larger than X-ray size, X-ray scattering, absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy techniques are improved when the flux increases. In this case, the Korea-4GLS is better than the PLS-II in the energy range of 1–2.5keV(higher energy side for soft-X-ray-based techniques), 2–4keV(medium energy-based techniques), and 10–100keV(higher energy side for hard-X-ray-based techniques). In the case of probing laterally inhomogeneous specimens where X-rays are to be focused below 1um, nano-probe and spectro-nanoscopy techniques, such as coherent diffraction imaging, ptychography, scanning transmission X-ray microscopy, or photoelectron microscopy take advantage of the brilliance increase. In this case, nano-probe and spectro-nanoscopy techniques take advantage of all energy ranges, especially soft X-ray spectro-nanoscopes (better than 100-times gain), which require an exit slit as a virtual source for the nanoscope.

Keywords: fourth generation light source, Korea-4GLS, nanoprobe, spectro-nanoscopy, brilliance, Ochang Light Source

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