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Applied Science and Convergence Technology

Published online March 24, 2024

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Precursor control for air-processable anti-solvent free perovskite PVs in high humid condition

Kyungmin Lee 1 , Hyo Jung Kim 1*

Pusan National University

Correspondence to:hyojkim@pusan.ac.kr

Received: February 29, 2024; Revised: March 22, 2024; Accepted: March 24, 2024


Perovskite halide materials exhibit excellent optoelectronic properties such as tunable bandgap, high optical absorption coefficients, and long carrier diffusion lengths. These characteristics have enabled perovskite solar cells to achieve power conversion efficiencies of over 26%. However, organometallic halide perovskite is sensitive to ambient conditions, with moisture particularly impacting their stability and efficiency. In this paper, perovskite films were fabricated using additive engineering in ambient air condition. This allowed for the enhancement of moisture stability of perovskite precursors, enabling the fabrication of uniform perovskite films under humid conditions. Moreover, devices fabricated with additives exhibited higher average efficiencies compared to pristine devices, achieving best power conversion efficiency 19.00% at relative humidity 50% with NH4Cl. These results demonstrate the effectiveness of additives in producing efficient cells in ambient air, which could facilitate the mass production of perovskite solar cells.

Keywords: Perovskite, Additive engineering, Photovoltaic, Air process, Anti-solvent free

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