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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2014; 23(5): 240-247

Published online September 30, 2014

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Modelling and Measurements of Normal and
Lateral Stiffness for Atomic Force Microscopy

Jinnil Choi*

Department of Mechanical Engineering, Hanbat National University

Correspondence to:Jinnil Choi*

Received: September 11, 2014; Revised: September 28, 2014; Accepted: September 30, 2014


Modelling and measurements of normal and lateral stiffness for atomic force microscopy
(AFM) are presented in this work. Important issues, such as element discretisation, stiffness
calibration, and deflection angle are explored using the finite element (FE) model. Elements
with various dimension ratios are investigated and comparisons with several mathematical
models are reported to verify the accuracy of the model. Investigation of the deflection angle
of a cantilever is also shown. Moreover, AFM force measurement experiments with conical
and colloid probe tips are demonstrated. The relationships between force and displacement,
required for stiffness measurement, in normal and lateral directions are acquired for the conical
tip and the limitations of the colloid probe tip are highlighted.

Keywords: AFM, Finite element modelling, Stiffness, Colloid probe, Friction modelling

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