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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1993; 2(4): 399-403

Published online December 1, 1993

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Growth Mode Study of Mg on the Si(111)7×7 Surface

Ki-Seok An,Hwan-Wook Yeo,Kyung-Won Lee,Soon-Bo Lee,Yong-Kook Joh,Chong-Yun Park


Changes of the Si(111)7×7 surface structure upon Mg adsorption have been studied by RHEED (Reflection High Energy Electron Diffraction) and XPS (X-ray Photoelectron Spectrocopy). The RHEED pattern of Si(111)7×7 is changed to the diffused (1×1) and(2√3/3×2√3/3-R30°) patterns with increasing deposition time of Mg at room temperature. The three domain (3×1) structure appear at the adsorption temperature of 350℃. In particular, we first observed (1×1) and single domain (3×1) structures at adsorption temperature of 300, 450℃, respectively. From these results and measuring Mg KLL/Si2p XPS peak intensity ratio, we would expect that the relative coverages of Mg on Mg-induced (3×1) and (1×1) structure are to be 1/3 and 1 ML, respectively.

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