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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1996; 5(3): 188-193

Published online September 1, 1996

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Characteristics of Display - type Spherical Mirror Analyzer

J.I. Jeong,A. Kurokawa,S. Ichimura,J. Toth,K. Yoshihara,Y.P. Lee


A new display-type spherical mirror analyzer has been characterized in terms of the performance and the Auger spectra taken by using it. The final goal with the analyzer is to develop SET (Surface Electron Spectroscopic Tomography) which is capable to provide a 3-dimensional layer-by-Iayer information non destructively. This kind of analyzer was originally designed by H.Daimon. The main feature is to display 2-dimensional electronic structures directly onto a screen. In our case, an external micro-electron beam was employed as an excitation source. However, this invokes various problems because of the interference between the electron beam and the analyzer. The problems have been solved through the optimization of various parameters of the analyzer.

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