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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1996; 5(3): 213-217

Published online September 1, 1996

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Optical Properties of HgS and HgS : Co Crystals and Films

Bok-Nam Park,Tae-Whan Bang,Jong-Ryong Kim,Woo-Sun Jang,Sung-Hyu Choe


HgS and HgS:Co crystals and films grown by the slow cooling and the chemical bath deposition method were used to measure their crystal structure and their optical absorption spectra. HgS and HgS:Co crystals are hexagonal structure with the lattice constant a。=4.155Å, c。=9.505Å for HgS and, a。=4.148Å, c。=9.487Å for HgS:Co. HgS and HgS:Co films are also hexagonal structure with the lattice constant a。=4.140Å, c。=9.462Å for HgS and a。=4.135Å, c。=9.442Å for HgS:Co, respectively. The optical energy gap of these crystals are given as 2.040 eV for HgS and 1.900 eV for HgS:Co, and the optical energy gap of these films were 2.440 eV for HgS and 1.940 eV for HgS:Co at room temperature, respectively.

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