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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1996; 5(3): 218-222

Published online September 1, 1996

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Study on Structual Properties of As Ion - Implanted Si

Y.H. Mun,I.H. Bae,M.M.Kim,B.K. Han,C.S. Kim,S.S. Hong,Y.H. Sin,K.H. Chung


Strained layers and strain depth profile of high dose As ion implanted (100) Si wafer annealed at various temperatures have been investigated by means of X-ray double crystal diffractometry (X-ray DCD). The results obtained by x-ray rocking curve analysis showed a defect layer at the original amorphous/ crystalline interface of 1400Å depth. In addition arsenic ion concentration profiles and defect distributions in depth were obtained by the SIMS and TRIM-code simulation. The positive strain depth profile determined from the rocking curve analysis were only presented under 0.14 ㎛ from the surface for samples annealed at 600℃. The result was shown that the thickness of amorphous layer is 0.14 ㎛ indirectry, and it was good agreement with the TRIM-Code simulation. Additionally, it could be thought that the positive strain have been affected residual interstitial atoms under the amorphous/crystalline interface formed by ion implantation.

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