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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1996; 5(3): 245-250

Published online September 1, 1996

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Properties of Y₂O₃ Thin films Prepared by ICBD Method

J. S. Jeon,J. Moon,S. I. Lee,T. E. Shim,J. N. Hwang


Y₂O₃ thin film on Si(100) was successfully grown by ionized cluster beam (ICBD) technique at substrate temperature of around 500℃ and pressure of ~10^(-5) Torr. To prevent the oxygen and yttrium source. In as-deposited state, b. c. c and h. c. p structures of Y₂O₃ were observed from X-ray analysis. from the observation of spots and ring pattems in selected area diffractin(SAD) patterns, crystallane formation and growth could be proceeded during the deposition. Y₂O₃/mixed layer/SiO₂=170Å/50Å/10Å structure were verified by high resolution transmition electron imcroscopy (HRTEM) image, and the formation of amorphous layer of SiO₂ was discussed. Electrical charateristics of the film were also investigated. In as-deposited Pt/Y₂O₃/Si structure, leakage current was less than 10^(-6) A/㎠ at 7 ㎹/㎝ strength.

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