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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1997; 6(3): 249-254

Published online August 1, 1997

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

A study on photoreflectance in Fe - doped semi - insulating InP

In-Soo Kim,Jung-Yeul Lee,In-Ho Bae


We investigated characteristics of Fe-doped semi-insulating InP by means of photoreflectance(PR) measurement. The band gap energy(E。) and broadening parameter(Γ) from PR signals at 300 K are 1.336 eV and 11.2 meV, respectively. As the temperature is decreased from 300 to 80 K, PR signals are varied from an overlapped shape of exciton and 2-dimensional band gap transitions(300 K) to that of exciton transition(80 K). We calculated Varshni coefficient(α=-0.94±0.07 meV/K, β=587±35.2 K) and Bose-Einstein coefficient(α_B=33.6±2.02 meV, θ=165±33 K). After annealing of isothermal and isochronism crystallinity of InP is found to be excellent when annealed at 300℃ for 10-20 min. qualitatively.

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