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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1997; 6(3): 255-262

Published online August 1, 1997

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Process technology and the formation of the TiN barrier metal by physical vapor deposition

Chi-Kyu Choi,Min-Seoung Kang,Hyung-Ho Park,Byung-Ryul Ryum,Kyung-Soo Suh,Jong Duk Lee,Kun-Ho Kim,Jeong-Yong Lee


Titanium nitride (TiN) films were prepared by reactive sputter deposition in mixed gas of Ar +N₂. The volume percentage of N₂ in the working gas was chosen so as to grow stoichiometric TiN films and the substrate temperature during film growth was set from room temperature to 700℃. Stoichiometric Ti_(0.5)N_(0.5) films with (111) texture were grown at temperatures over 600℃, while films prepared at temperatures below 600℃ showed N-rich TiN. The composition x and y in the Ti_xN_y films determined by XPS and RBS varied within 5% with the substrate temperature. The sheet resistance of the TiN films decreases as the substrate temperature increased. TiN film prepared at 600℃ showed 14.5 Ω/□, and it decreased to 8.9 Ω/□ after the sample was annealed at 700℃, 30 sec in Ar-gas ambient by RTA. By far, high quality stoichiometric TiN films by reactive sputtering in the mixed gas ambient could be prepared at substrate temperature over 600℃.

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