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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1998; 7(3): 242-247

Published online August 1, 1998

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Hydrogeneted Amorphous Carbon Nitride Films on Si(100) Deposited by DC Saddle Field Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition

H. K. Jang,G. S. Kim,S. W. Whangbo,Y. S. Lee,C. N. Whang,Y. Z. Yoo,H. G. Kim


Hydrogenated amorphous carbon nitride[a-C:H(N)] films were deposited on p-type Si(100) at room temperature with substrate bias voltage of 200 V by DC saddle-field plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition. Effects of the ratio of N₂to CH₄(N₂/CH₄), in the range of 0 and 4 on such properties as optical properties, microstucture, relative fraction of nitrogen and carbon, etc. of the films have been investigated. The thickness of the a-C:H(N) film was abruptly decreased with the addition of nitrogen, but at N₂/CH₄> 0.5, the thickness of the film gradually decreased with the increase of the N₂/CH₄. The ratio of N to C(N/C) of the films was saturated at 0.25 with the increase of N₂/CH₄. N-H, C≡N bonds of the films increased but C-H bond decreased with the increase of N₂/CH₄. Optical band gap energy of the film decreased from 2.53 eV deposited with pure methane to 2.3 eV at the ratio of N₂/CH₄=4.

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