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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1998; 7(4): 300-305

Published online November 1, 1998

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

BS / channeling studies on the epitaxially grown Pt(111) films on Al₂O₃(0001)

J. C. Lee,S. C. Kim,H. B. Kim,K. Jeong,K. H. Kim,W. K. Choi,J. H. Song


Crystallinity and structual properties of the epitaxially grown Pt films on Al₂O₃(0001) substrate by rf magnetron sputtering at a substrate temperature of 600℃ were studied by using backscattering spectrometry (BS)/channeling and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) measurements. Me V ⁴He ion BS/channeling results showed that the channeling minimum yield of Pt film with a thickness of 3500 Å was 4%. This indicates an excellent crystallinity of Pt film. When the thickness of Pt film was less than 200 Å, the channeling minimum yield of Pt film increased sharply with the decrease in film thickness. The Pt layer on Al₂O₃(0001) substrate grew epitaxially to the direction of (111) with six-fold symmetry. Cross-sectional TEM images also showed that Pt film on Al₂O₃(0001) substrate consist of twinned domains to release the strain induced by the lattice mismatch and the surface roughness of the film increased at the twin boundaries where the strain was contcentrated.

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