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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 1998; 7(4): 314-319

Published online November 1, 1998

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Effects of sputtering conditions on the growth behavior of TiN thin films on SKD 61 steel substrates

Sang-Sub Kim,Tai-Hong Yim,Yong-Bum Park


TiN thin films were deposited on SKD 61 steel substrates by reactive sputtering under various deposition conditions, and subsequently their growth characteristics and properties were studied. Deposition rate was proportionally increased with total gas pressure as well as RF input power, while the increase of nitrogen in the reaction gas induced a significant suppression of deposition rate. The resulted films exhibited hillocks on the surface. The TiN film prepared using a typical deposition condition showed a (111) preferred orientation and maintained the stoichiometry of pure TiN.

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