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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2000; 9(4): 367-372

Published online December 1, 2000

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Crystallographic characteristics of ZnO / Glass thin films deposited by facing targets sputtering system

M. J. Keum,H. Y. Seong,I. H. Son,K. H. Kim


ZnO thin films were deposited on amorphous slide glass and SiO₂/Si substrates by Facing Targets Sputtering method with sputtering current 0.1~0.8 A, working pressure 0.5~3 mTorr and substrate temperature R.T~400℃. When the sputtering current was 0.4 A, working pressure was 0.5 mTorr and substrate temperature was 300℃, △θ_(50) value of ZnO/glass and ZnO/SiO₂/Si thin film was 3.8° and 2.98°, respectively. In these conditions, we knew that ZnO thin fillm were deposited with good c-axis orientation on amorphous slide glass by FTS system.

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