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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2001; 10(2): 201-206

Published online July 1, 2001

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Textures of Fe - Ni Alloy Thin Films Fabricated by Sputtering Method

Y. B. Park,C. S. Ha,T. H. Yim


The evolution of textures in Fe-Ni alloy thin films fabricated by PVD using a sputtering method was investigated with parameters such as deposition time and chemical composition. The textures of the as-deposited films were characterized by fibre-type. In Invar alloy(Fe-36.5 wt%Ni) thin film, the <110>//ND fibre texture as a starting component changed to the <210>//ND fibre texture with increasing deposition time. In Permalloy(Fe-81 wt%Ni) thin film, a mixture of the <221>//ND and <311>//ND fibres developed at the early stage of deposition, and then transformed to the <210>//ND fibre with increasing deposition time. These texture changes were discussed in terms of relationship with the microstructural evolution of the films.

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