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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2001; 10(3): 335-340

Published online October 1, 2001

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Enhancement of photoluminescence and electrical properties of Ga doped ZnO thin film grown on α-Al₂O₃ (0001) single crystal substrate by RF magnetron sputtering through rapid thermal annealing

Jung Cho,Jong Bum Nah,Min Seok Oh,Ki Hyun Yoon,Hyung Jin Jung,Won Kook Choi


Ga₂O₃(1 wt%)-doped ZnO(GZO) thin films were grown on α-Al₂O₃ (0001) by rf magnetron sputtering at 550℃, whose crystal structure was polycrystalline. As-grown GZO thin film shows poor electrical properties and photoluminescence (PL) spectra. To improve these properties, GZO thin films were annealed at 800-900℃ in N2 atmosphere for 3 min. After the rapid thermal annealing(RTA), deep defect-level emission disappears and near-band emission is greatly enhanced. Annealed GZO thin films show very low resisitivity of 2.6×10^(-4) Ω㎝ with 3.9×10^(20)/㎤ carrier concentration and exceptionally high mobility of 60 ㎠/V·s. These improved physical properties are explained in terms of translation of doped-Ga atoms from interstitial to substitutional site.

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