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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2001; 10(3): 380-386

Published online October 1, 2001

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

The Design and Construction of the Nuclear Microprobe

H.-J. Woo,J-K. Kim,H-W. Choi,W. Hong,Y-S. Kim,J-H. Lee,K-D. Kim,T-G. Yang


A nuclear microprobe system with adjustable precision object slits and a magnetic quadrupole doublet was designed by the beam optics simulation using a first order matrix formalism, and installed in a 30o beam line connected with KIGAM 1.7 MV Tandem VDG Accelerator. Demagnification factors for x and y axis are calculated to be 25 and 4.9, respectively, and a minimum beam spot size is expected to be about 5 μm for 3 MeV proton beams with a current of about 1 nA. A multi-purpose octagonal target chamber has been built to facilitate MeV ion-beam analytical techniques of PIXE, RBS, ERDA, and ion beam micro-machining. It contains X-ray and particle detectors, a zoom microscope, a Faraday cup, a 4-axis sample manipulator and a high vacuum pumping system. The system performance of the nuclear microprobe is now being tested, and automatic manipulator control and data acquisition system will be installed for routine applications of micro ion-beam analytical techniques.

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