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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2001; 10(4): 416-423

Published online December 1, 2001

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Heat treatment effects of SrTiO₃ thin films grown on ITO glasses by RF - magnetron sputtering method

Hwa-Min Kim,Byung-Rho Rhee


Microstructural, optical and dielectric properties of SrTiO₃ thin films were investigated. These films were deposited on the ITO glasses by rf-magnetron sputtering at room temperature and subequently heat treated in O₂ atmosphere at various temperatures. It has been found from X-ray diffraction patterns that as-deposited films prepared at room temperature are amorphous, while the films heat treated at temperature range of 400~600℃ reveal the structure of pyrochlore. On the other hand, the structure of perovskite is dominantly observed in the films heat treated at temperatures over 650℃ in which the drastic changes of optical band gap and dielectric constant are observed. In addition, the phase transition peak is observed at 272℃ in the films heat treated at 600℃, while the dielectric dispersion is observed at near 310℃ in the films heat treated at 650℃.

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