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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2002; 11(1): 22-27

Published online April 1, 2002

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Characteristics of tungsten nitride films deposited by reactive sputtering method

Youn-Seoung Lee,Won-Jun Lee,Sa-Kyun Rha,Yoon-Jik Lee,Kwan-Yong Lim,Chung-Nam Whang


We investigated the crystal structure, resistivity, and chemical states change of the tungsten nitride (WN_x) films prepared by reactive sputtering method with various N₂ flow ratios. Crystal structures of WN_x films deposited at the N₂ flow ratios of 20%, 40%, and 60% were bcc β-W, amorphous, and fcc W₂N, respectively. Surface roughness of WN_x film was smallest when the WN_x film is amorphous. After the air exposure of WN_x films, WO₃ layer was formed at the surface of all samples. Both the nitrogen content of WN_x film and the binding energy of W 4f_(7/2) peaks increased with increasing N₂ flow ratio. However, after Ar^+ ion etching, the shift of W 4f_(7/2) peaks was not observed with N₂ flow ratio due to the amorphization of the WN_x film surface. The resistivity of WN_x films increased with increasing N₂ flow ratio.

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