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Applied Science and Convergence Technology 2002; 11(1): 50-58

Published online April 1, 2002

Copyright © The Korean Vacuum Society.

Comparison of growth and properties of GaN with various AlN buffer layers on Si (111) substrate

Hui-Youn Shin,Sung-Hoon Jung,Jeong-Wook Lee,Ji-Beom Yoo,Cheol-Woong Yang


The growth of GaN films on Si substrate has many advantages in that Si is less expensive than sapphire substrate and that integration of GaN-based devices with Si substrate is easier. The difference of lattice constant and thermal expansion coefficient between GaN and Si is larger than those between GaN and sapphire. However, which results in many defects into the grown GaN. In order to obtain high quality GaN films on Si substrate, we need to reduce defects using the buffer layer such as AlN. In this study, we prepared three types of AlN buffer layer with various crystallinity on Si (111) substrate using MOCVD, Sputtering and MOMBE methods. GaN was grown by MOCVD on three types of AlN/Si substrate. Using TEM and XRD, we carried out comparative investigation of growth and properties of GaN deposited on the various AlN buffers by characterizing lattice coherency, crystallinity, growth orientation and defects formed (voids, stacking faults, dislocations, etc). It is found that the crystallinity of AlN buffer ayer has strong effects on growth of GaN. The AlN buffer layers grown by MOCVD and MOMBE showed the reduction of out-of-plane misorientation of GaN at the initial growth stage.

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